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ZoomText 9.1 is for the vision impaired to see and hear everything more clearly
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ZoomText 9.1 is a powerful software for vision impaired people through which the user can see and hear everything more clearly than ever. Using ZoomText 9.1 xFont you see a clear and high quality text that the user can easily recognize. Neo Speech is an additional feature that reads the cursor in all the documents and application on the screen. It mainly uses human sound voices for loud and clear dictation, which can be turned on/off. With the help of Zoom Text searching and finding is very easy. It also has magnification and reading features that are very helpful for users with low vision as seeing and hearing is very clear and comfortable to use.

There are many new features that are attached to Zoom Text such as New Dual Monitor Support by which two monitors can be attached with each other to view the magnified data in a larger area. New Focus Enhancements is used to mainly focus on menus, toolbars and many more.

Zoom Text 9.1 supports Windows Vista enabling the user to use all the features of Vista, also increasing security and stability. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 hence you can use all its components for a better performance.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Many task can be done easily in a short period


  • Doesn’t support Windows 95 and 98
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